“I am a professional when I comes to dinning out. I’ve critiqued hundreds of restaurants all over the country from mom and pop operations to the finest five star resorts. One of my favorite regions, when it comes to mexican food, has always been New Mexico. A land that is filled with rich culture and known for it’s mexican cuisine. Albuquerque, Las Cruses, Alamogordo, and El Paso are known for having the most unique, distinct, southern mexican food in the United States. And, of all these places, Margo’s Mexican Food, gets my five star award every time I frequent their establishment. If you want fiery salsa, and great dishes of all sorts, flavor that makes your taste buds explode with excitement, Margo’s is the place to be. Small town atmosphere, courteous staff, and family owned, Margo’s distinct flavors is what I stop for every time I pass through.”

“A Good Place To Eat: Good food, good service, fair prices, and when you are done eating and need to do a little shopping its right across the parking lot from wal mart. If you need a good meal at a fair price, Margo’s is the place to go.”

“Wow, this place was terrific! My friends are I drove through on our way out of town after camping at White Sands National Monument. All we wanted was a breakfast burrito after drinking wine all night in the middle of the sand dunes. But alas, we didn’t know that we could find one circa 8 AM, but thank god, Margo’s was open and ready for us. Maggie, the server, was wonderful and helped us with everything. The breakfast burrito with red sauce was great (what my friends got…). I got the chilaquiles, so, so yummy, and I’m picky about chilaquiles too. It came with refried beans and very tasty, not to mention crispy hash browns. What a delicious combination. Paired with their incredible salsa. YUM! Basically, what I’m saying is the service was great. The food even better. Now I just wish that I didn’t live so far away. If you ever find yourself in Alamogordo or on your way out of the White Sands Monument, stop for Margo’s, you won’t be disappointed.”

“A breakfast just spicy enough to get your attention and bring out the flavors. From the fresh tortillas to the vibrant verde sauce, everything was spot on. The service was fast and friendly. Spoke with the manager who had an easy, friendly way about him. I don’t normally give fives but, thanks Margo’s, we’ll be back!”

“We ended up at Margo’s because of the name. We will be going back because it was awesome! The waitress was incredibly sweet and very attentive. I had the chalupa’s (awesome!) and the BF had a chicken fried steak that he declared to be the best he’s ever had. And all this for under 20 bucks!”